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The resort of Varshets, also called 'The town of health' is situated in the most western part of Stara Planina Mountain, along Botunya river valley. It is 90 kilometers from Sofia (through the Vitinya pass), 33 kilometers from Vratsa and Montana, and 17 kilometers from Berkovitsa. There are buses from Sofia via Berkovitsa at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. daily. Varshets is a famous balneological center in our country and the biggest one in North-eastern Bulgaria. The warm mineral waters gush out from several springs and drill sources. They have low mineralization and palatable drinking- gustatory qualities. The mineral waters are used for the treatment of rheumatic, cardiovascular, gastric-intestinal, nervous and other diseases. The most common curative- prophylactic methods are: herb bath-tubs, curative shower-procedures, underwater shower massage and others. The medicinal mineral water, pure air sweet with lime flowers and herbs, create wonderful conditions for relaxation and repose amidst the enchanting nature of Stara Planina Mountain. There are many holiday houses, villas, hotels, and places for entertainment. The renovated bath, which has two swimming pools, public baths and tubs for medicinal procedures, is open. Varshets is a starting point for the marked tourist routes in Vrachanski Balkan – to the picturesque peak Todorini Kukli and the huts Byalata Voda (The White Water), Parshevitsa and Proboinitsa.