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Apriltsi is a small pretty town, situated at the foot of the Middle Stara Planina Mountain. It is located some 205 km east of Sofia, 57 km west of Gabrovo and about 25 km south-east of Troyan. The town is young in age and small in inhabitants, but with a rich history, incredible nature and fine landmarks. The closeness of the mountain, fine holiday homes and the hospitality of the local people make it an attractive mountain resort. The town is a starting point for many tourist routes to the peaks of Botev, Triglav, Northern Djendem (Hell) and others. The places around the town offer splendid opportunities for hunting and fishing, gathering of mushrooms, herbs, and wood fruit, and incredible natural landscapes. Other landmarks in the town are: the historical Novosel Monastery - monument of the Novosel Uprising, the Ethnographic Museum, the St. George Temple, and the houses of P. Popnikolov and M. Popski.