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What does XML means?

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a program language, which describes the structure of the data base by using tags. This is a standard way of delivering information between two systems. It allows you to change information and data so they can be accessible by any PC nice and easy. This language allows your website to receive information from our hotel data base, so your customers can book.


  • You have the freedom to distribute the information on your website, depending on your needs
  • You can create your own functionality and design
  • Online hotel reservations on your website
  • Less costs involved
  • Updated pricing and availability and special offers 24/7
  • Authorized help and support from our IT department
  • All the functionality of integrated into your own branded website
  • All sorts of payments
  • No human factor involved
  • Full implementation and integration with your own website

What do we require?

Programmer integration support needed

What to do?

  1. Please, contact us for more information and receiving of contract
  2. Sign the contract
  3. Consultancy with our professionals
  4. Implementation
  5. Your customers and visitors of the website make their online hotel reservations easy

See how our partners use our XML on their websites:

DRS Travel

Balkan Toubox

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