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3 stars


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General Information

General Information about HOTEL AKORD, Sofia


17 Vladimir Vazov blvd., 1510 Sofia, Bulgaria


Hotel Akord is a three - star hotel that is suitable for everybody who loves coziness, hearty welcome and quietness. The hotel is situated one kilometer away from the center of Sofia, very close to the
airport, the central train station and the bus station.


The compound has 110 beds situated in 3 Apartments, 6 De luxe rooms, 1 Triple room, 26 Double rooms, 18 Single rooms, 1 VIP room and 5 Studio rooms. All the rooms have a TV set, a mini bar, cable TV, PAY TV. For those, who prefer the quietness of the chamber, the hotel suggest room - service.

Bars and restaurants

The restaurant has 100 places, it offers a rich variety of culinary delicacies from the national and the European cuisine. It can also give you the wonderful opportunity to make a private party, a business lunch or dinner. As we want you to start your day well, in the restaurant prepare and serve attractive breakfast. The restaurant has also a non-smokers hall.
The lobby bar is at your service during the day. It is light and spacious and suitable for business meetings, coffee breaks or just for meeting friends.

Business center

The hotel has a large business hall which is suitable for meetings, workshops, seminars. The capacity of the hall is 110 seats and it is arranged as a cinema hall. It can also be arranged according to your needs and requirements. If you make an order in advance, we can prepare a special menu for coffee breaks.

Sport center

After a tiring day or just to keep fit and healthy, it will serve you at any time. Going to the gym will cheer you up and you will feel relaxed. If you want a sports instructor to attend your training, all you have to do is just call us. The sauna or the vapourbath would be a great ending of your training. In case you want a massage, we'll provide it for you at the right time.