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General Information

General Information about HOTEL ALEXANDER, Bansko




Alexander Hotel is located 2 km. of Bansko, in the direction of Banya.


Alexander Hotel has 20 double rooms, 30 studios and 20 one bedroom apartments.
All the rooms are kitchenette, balcony, bathroom, central heating. Room Facilities - TV, digital cable TV, wireless (WiFi), telephone, refrigerator.

Bars and restaurants

Alexander Hotel offers its guests a lobby bar / modern furnished with 30 seats / , tavern Chevermeto / in style, a fireplace and a maximum capacity of 80 seats / and restaurant Cult / a capacity of 180 seats on two levels /.

Hotel services

Alexander offers:
- Conference hall - 250 seats
- Spa center - pool, steam bath, sauna, fitness
- Outdoor swimming pool with mineral water
- Football courses and beach volleyball
- Ski wardrobe
- Parking
- Green areas and gardens
- Laundry and ironing