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General Information

General Information about ALEXANDER BUSINESS APARTMENT, Sofia


Bulgaria, Sofia 1202, 40 Pop Bogomil Str.


Alexander Business Apartments are located close to the Lion's Bridge metro station and main shopping blvd. Maria Luiza in Sofia city center.
Alexander Buisiness Building is located next to the Central government office in Sofia - close to the covered market and all major department stores. All major Banks and Buisness institutes are in the direct vicinity.


All apartments are fully furnished throughout - using the modern Italian design theme of luxury accessories and Art.
- master bedroom - bedroom is of a southeastern facing direction furnished using only solid wood for the furniture - including bed night tables wardrobe with mirrored sliding doors etc. also fitted a 70cm plasma television Air conditioning and hand made carpets and curtains - the room is complete with a terrace ornamented with stone figures. Babies and pets facilities.
- office space - a southerly facing room complete with air conditioning - furniture includes a "king size" bed, two armchairs matching, all windows fitted with interior blinds, a channel plasma television and DVD stereo system, desk, leather office chair and connections for Fax, Internet, Scanner, Copier.
- Dinning / Kitchenette - a solid wood table and four chairs is complemented by the matching kitchen sections - Included is a Oven with ceramic hob - refrigerator - microwave - coffee machine and toaster and all necessary utensils for the serving of 4 persons.
- Bathroom and Toilet - this room is decently furnished in style of Vanilla and Champagne color - offset with green bamboo plants and natural stones - the luxury accessories offset the luxury corner bath unit.