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HOTEL ASPA VILA - Bania village

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General Information

General Information about HOTEL ASPA VILA , Bania village


Bania village, Blagoevgrad district


Spa hotel Aspa Vila is located in the village of Bania - a balneologocal centre and one of the oldest settlements in the Razlog valley( 850m above sea level), nestled between three mountains- Rila, Pirin and Rhodope. The abundance of curative mineral water( 70 springs) is the reason for its inhabitance since ancient times and the existence of thermal baths gave its name- Bania in Bulgarian means bath.


All rooms and apartments are spacious, comfortably appointed, providing privacy with unobtrusive and personalized service. The hotel offers 18 double rooms /each with a mountain view/, 18 luxury rooms /each with a balcony overlooking the pine forest/ and 4 apartments. The luxury rooms and apartments have separate bath tubs and shower stalls. Every apartment has a lounge and a bedroom, equipped with individual bathrooms and TV sets, mini bar, Hi-Fi system, free internet, cable TV, shower stall, hairdryer, clothes wardrobe.

Bars & Restaurants

International cuisine combined with traditional Bulgarian cooking is offered in the main restaurant which seats 150 guests. You can taste the delicious regional specialties and exotic dishes complemented by a rich selection of wines. Bansko kapama( meat and vegetables stewed in an earthenware dish), Rhodope cheverme( lamb roasted on a spit over an open fire), stuffed vine leaves, shopska salad, moussaka and kebab are among our culinary temptations.
The covered terrace commanding a beautiful view of Rila and Pirin mountains is an elegant open-air restaurant for cocktail and dinner in summer time.
The lobby, seating 20 guests is a cozy place to share a drink with friends.

Relax center

The mineral water of Bania is hot( 57 C), low- mineralized, hydro-carbonated, containing sodium, fluorine and oxidizable sulphurous compounds, slightly radio- active. The curative mineral spring has a flow of 76 liters per second. The mineral contents of the thermal water have been examined by experts, who have declared the combination perfect for bathing, curing and relaxation. It is recommendable for treatment of lungs, liver, bile, stomach, intestines, kidney, gynaecological ailments .
Aroma and herbal therapy, honey and chocolate therapy, salt and reflexotherapy.
- Underwater shower massage - This kind of massage in a mineral water tub combines balneo therapy and intensive treatment of the muscles using pressurized water flow , applied by a qualified professional.
- Pearl bath with mineral water - Air bubbles( pearls) gently but deeply massage your skin, ensuring complete relaxation of the body. You can choose the added bath products- salts, herbs, aromatic natural ethereal oils, sea weed, etc.
- Steam bath - That is a heat procedure with 100% air humidity and 50°C temperature.
- Aroma therapy - The usage of different oils and fragrances stimulates your physical , intellectual and emotional balance and well being.
- Massage - Whether classic or specialized, the body massage intensifies blood and lymph circulation, stimulates the immune system, improves the muscle tone, eliminates fatigue and stress and brings back your cheerful mood.
- Sauna

Hotel services

The conference hall seating 80 guests guarantees professional environment and excellent conditions for all types of seminars, business meetings, team building , training courses as well as dancing formations rehearsals and ground sport workouts .Accompanying cultural and entertainment events are provided for participants.
The hot mineral water swimming pool( 38°C) and 4 jacuzzi are available all year round. The mineral water is unique with its energizing and uplifting effect, rather than the usual relaxing one. Such characteristics can only be found in the thermal water of the world famous resort St. Moritz, but the water there is of much lower temperature and capacity. The mineral water of Bania is slightly mineralized, naturally pure. It is recommended for prophylactics and treatment of disorders of the skeletal and muscular , skin and peripheral nervous systems, as well as gynaecological, kidney and bile tract ailments.