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3 stars


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General Information

General Information about HOTEL BALKAN, Pleven


85, Rousse blvd., Pleven


The hotel is located with in 5 minutes walk from the center of Pleven. It is very close to the merchant city center, administrative area and entertainment spots.


3-star Balkan hotel is the most luxurious in the city of Pleven and the region. It is a massive 13 -floored building comprising 226 rooms. There are:
- air-conditioned rooms: 23 single rooms, 12 double rooms, 2 suites
- rooms without central air-conditioning: 71 single rooms, 40 double rooms
Hotel rooms and suites are furnished as follows: telephone, radio, cable TV, Internet access, air-conditioner, mini bar, bathtub.

Bars & Restaurants

Hotel restaurants offer luxurious and comfortable atmosphere with exquisite style and excellent service. The Menu includes international cuisine with great variety of food and drinks, as well as traditional Bulgarian dishes and wines. The atmosphere is exceptionally proper for business lunches and dinners, romantic dates and for organized business and private parties.
- Panorama restaurant with 60 seats and located on the hotel’s 14-th floor
- Basic restaurant BALKAN comprising of a small hall with 100 seats, and big hall with 300 seats
- Cafe-confectionery with 60 seats
- Night bar BALKAN with 80 seats
- Lobby bar

Business Center

For the organization of business meetings, congresses, conferences, lectures and training courses the hotel offers two conference halls with 60 and 120 seats respectively.

Hotel Services

BALKAN hotel offers a wide variety of services:
- room service
- Internet access
- laundry and dry cleaning
- guarded parking lot
- hairdresser shop
- massage