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General Information

General Information about HOTEL BOLIARKA, Melnik


34, Melnik Str., Melnik, Bulgaria


Boliarka hotel is situated in the smallest and one of the most romantic towns in Bulgaria - Melnik.


The hotel can offer 58 beds, which are distributed in: 2 luxury apartments, 2 small apartments and 17 double rooms. All the rooms and apartments are furnished with mini-bars, cable TV, telephones their own service rooms and even a weekly temperature programmer. Apartments have a fireplace as well.

Bars & Restaurants

For your best time the hotel offers you lobby bar and a tavern.
- Tavern - There are 58 seats in the tavern and a garden with barbecue with 42 seats. You can try original Bulgarian and area meals and dishes in the tavern's kitchen - spicy beans cooked in a pot, the famous hominy (kachamak), the original Melnik banitsa, a variety of lamb or pork shish, kebabs on barbecue and many other specialitets which are the great surprise for the guests. Bolyarka's tavern offer a wine taste cellar.

Hotel Services

- sauna from Finland, fitness
- conference room with 10 - 12 seats