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General Information

General Information about HOTEL BOLYARSKO SELO, Arbanassi


Veliko Tarnovo, 40 Liuben Karavelov str.


Complex "BOLYARSKO SELO" is situated in the east section of the park of residence "Arbanasi Palace". We have magnificent view direction to Veliko Tarnovo town and mountain "Stara Planina". Built in Bulgarian old style and skillfully combiness tradition and luxury.
You can enjoy incredibly plant life of the park, calm and coziness. And in this time You are at close distance to the center of the Arbanasi village.
The village is an architectural museum. Arbanasi includes 144 restoration houses, 5 churches and 2 monasteries. There aren't only tourist sights in the village. There is a large variety of hotels and restaurants.
Our location is unique with our proximity to many architectural, historical monuments, churches, monasteries and to the center of Veliko Tarnovo. The distance from the town is 6km.


The Complex "BOLYARSKO SELO" includes two independent houses, one separated apartment with winter garden with fireplace, BBQ and six under cover park places, all in the big and greenery park.
In the first house every flat is independent and gives the impression for privacy and coziness.
The most interesting apartment in the second house has got a luxury fireplace. The other rooms are with beautiful panoramic terraces.
All rooms are equiped with ceble TV, air-conditioning, internet and well-appointed.


The winter garden is like a tavern with 35 places, where visitors can lunch and dinner. A beautiful fireplace make a sensation for calm and snug.


Tennis-court fans can play their favourite sport in the nearly court. If you like to ride horses, you can ride in nearless horse base.