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General Information about CANAPE CONNECTION HOSTEL, Sofia


12A, William Gladstone Street, Sofia


You can easily get here from the Airport, Central Bus and Railway Station. Check this out:

From the Airport:
It may sound complicated but it is very easy to find.

Catch bus number 84 (from Terminal 1 and 2) and get off at the last stop, named BSFS (БСФС). Then cross diagonally the cross road and take any trolleybus for 2 stops. Get off at NDK stop (НДК - National Palace of Culture). Then turn right on Vitosha Boulevard (бул. Витоша) and go 4 blocks further till the 4th street, then turn left. This is the William Gladstone Street (ул. Уилиям Гладстон). Go 2 blocks further almost till the end of the second and you will see the number 12A on the left-hand side.

From the Central Railway and Bus Station:

Take the subway direction Lozenets (Лозенец) and get off at NDK station. Exit on Vitosha Blvd. Walk 4 blocks north on Vitosha Blvd until you get to William Gladstone Str. (Уилиям Гладстон). Turn left and after the second block you'll see the sign 12A and Canape Connection on the left hand side.

Or you can use on ground transportation: Take tram # 6 or 7 and get off at the 4th stop - Macedonia squere (площад Македония). Go 1 block the same direction at the same side of the Boulevard and cross it at the first zebra crossing. Turn left on the William Gladstone Street (ул.Уилиям Гладстон). Go 1 block further. You will see the number 12A on the right-hand side.


We are fresh and very enthusiastic. We promise to take a good care of you while you're in Sofia!

We are a team of three friends: the two Nadias & Ivo, who own and run the Canapé Connection Hostel. The hostel itself is a dream come true, designed with sincere desire and great inspiration, so as to provide a real experience in Sofia for you, our guests.

We ourselves are travelers who have a clear idea what a person on the road really needs. This is, according to our own experience - to explore the authentic places and subcultures, to taste traditional food, to connect to locals and other travelers, but as well to relax and recharge his own batteries... Keeping that in mind, we put the best efforts to create our dreamed hostel - the one we always wished to stay at.

So, we would like to present to you Canapé Connection, top-rated New-Generation-Hostel. It offers a chill-out atmosphere in a small charming house. Our spacious canopy beds ensure your good night-rest, while the rich and healthy home-made breakfast gives you a great start in the morning. You can enjoy unlimited FREE Wi-Fi in the whole hostel and even in the garden.