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General Information

General Information about HOTEL PRAVESHKI HANOVE, Pravets




Hotel Praveshki hanove is located in the northern town of Pravets, 2 km from Pravets Golf Club.

The complex consists of cafeteria "La Cremeria", a winery with tasting restaurant "Art Garden", complemented by a garden with Renaissance and traditional for the region architecture and layout, barbecue, oven and barbecue charcoal hotel. In addition to the exterior of the complex and amazing waterfalls, bringing a touch of tranquility and complimentary fresh mountain air in an incredible natural motive.


The hotel has 9 double rooms with original interior. Each one has a:
- Central heating and air conditioning;
- Satellite TV;
- High-speed Wi-Fi nternet


At the disposal of the guests of the complex are:

- In the restaurant "Art Garden" is suitable to welcome your business partners and orgarnizirani corporate or family celebrations and weddings, birthdays, team trainings, seminars, symposiums and others. It offers excellent cuisine, festive menus, nice and cozy atmosphere.

The dishes on the menu of the restaurant are made from specially manufactured for our products from farms possessing quality certificates and comply with the standards for organic food production.

- Cafe "La Cremeria" is unique. Here you will be able to sample some of the best ice cream in the country, made from environmentally friendly products and natural flavors and essences, and obstonavka pleasant and attentive service will complement delight.

- Winery Praveshki hanove offers all its guests:

- Tasting of over 36 specially selected wines from the best wine cellars in Bulgaria
- Selected wines in barrels 11 are at your disposal to try and drink as much as you want only extra charge
- Only you can taste wines from the series Praveshki hanove included in the rich wine list of selected wines.

All this combined with incredible local delicacies and cuisine with old Handjiyski traditions.