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General Information

General Information about RESIDENCE STARIYAT GRAD, Plovdiv


Plovdiv, 11 Kniaz Tzeretelev str.


The Old Town Residence has one of the most attractive locations - in the old part of town among the authentic architecture of the Renaissance complex. The terrace of the residence offers a magnificent view to the east part of the city.
All cultural and historical attractions, as well as administrative offices are at a walk distance.


The Old Town Residence offers accommodation in 4 apartments, 1 studio and 1 VIP Apartment. All the rooms are in authentic Russian Baroque style from the late 17th and early 18th century. The apartments have amenities for a pleasant holiday or business trip.
Apartment 1 and Apartment 2 consist of a large room that is functionally divided into bedroom and living room.
Apartment Apartment 3 and 4 consist of two separate rooms - living room and a cabinet in one and a separate bedroom.
VIP apartment is composed of three separate apartments. Each has a TV, a large bedroom. One of them has a private bathroom with shower and the other two - shared. The three apartments have spacious common room, suitable for a dinner and meeting guests.
All the rooms have central air conditioning, TV, Internet access, telephone, spacious work desk and comfortable seating place. Separate bathroom, in Apartment 3 and Apartment 4 and have a bathtub, and the rest have showers.

Bars & Restaurants

In The Old Town Residence guests have the opportunity to visit for their special occasions or every day dining, the two restaurants / Classic room with 100 seats and Peter I with 60 seats /, the VIP hall / 20 beds / or the terrace / 50 seats /. The interior design of the two restaurant halls elegantly combines baroque style and luxury. Each room has two fireplaces and panoramic views. The guests may enjoy the delicious specialties, prepred by professional chefs and every Friday-night is organized as a Russian night with the tуpical atmosphere, music and cuisine.

Business center

The Old Town Residence offers good conditions for business events. There is a conference hall with 25 seats with all facilities for seminars and meetings.