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General Information

General Information about SAINT NIKOLA HOLIDAY COMPLEX, Varna


Varna, Primorski Park 536


Saint Nikola Holiday Complex is situated in Varna, in Saint Nikola District. It is located 10 meters from the seashore, close to a pristine beach. The Complex is situated approximately 10 km from Varna Airport, 3 km from Varna railway station and 2 km from Varna bus station. In the abundance of verdure and flowers 9 family houses, 3 bungalows and a hotel lie on an area of approximately 12 decares.


Saint Nikola Holiday Complex offers hotel accommodation all year round. The hotel consists of 1 twin room on the 2nd floor, 2 standard apartments on the 2nd floor, 1 luxury apartment on the 1st floor, 2 studios. All rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with mini-bar and LCD TV.
Saint Nikola Holiday Complex offers 9 family houses. The 8 two-storey family houses can accommodate up to 8 people. Each room is equipped with mini-bar and LCD TV. First floor:
- 2 standard rooms with twin beds
- living room with a well-equipped kitchen corner and a dining table
- shared bathroom
Second floor:
- one double room and one twin room
- living room with a well-equipped kitchen corner
- shared bathroom
The 1 one-storey family house can accommodate 4 + 1 people. The living room is air-conditioned and equipped with fridge, microwave oven and coffeemaker. The bed rooms are air-conditioned also.
Family houses can be rented April to October.
Saint Nikola Holiday Complex offers 3 bungalows. Each bungalow has:
- 4 rooms with twin beds, a wardrobe, bedside table, air conditioner, mini fridge, LCD TV;
- private bathroom;
- table and chairs in front of the bungalow.
Bungalows can be rented year-round.

Bars & Restaurants

Saint Nikola Holiday Complex offers its guests:
- restaurant
- cafe
- BBQ with beautiful sea view

Hotel Services

In the cozy atmosphere of the spacious courtyard there is a playground and a basketball backboard.


During your stay at Saint Nikola Holiday Complex you can visit:
- Festa Dolphinarium Varna – open Tuesday to Sunday
- Varna Museum of Archeology
- Naval Museum in Varna – included in the national movement "100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria"
- Roman Thermal Complex – the public baths of Odessos
- Aladzha Monastery – a medieval cave monastery dating back to the 14th century, located 17 km north-east of Varna
- Rock formation "Pobit kamuk" - unique natural phenomena
- Balchik Palace – former summer residence of princess Marie of Romania; located 40 km north-east of Varna