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3 stars


Status: Available
General Information

General Information about VILLAS VITA PARK, Albena


Albena Resort


Villas Vita Park is 950 m. away from the beach, in the southwest part of the resort among beautiful nature.


Comfortably furnished with cable TV, telephone and a bathroom with shower. (some of the villas are air-conditioned and have kitchen utilities)

Bars & Restaurant

- air-conditioned restaurant with a terrace for smokers and a hall for nonsmokers
- bar and a-la-carte restaurant
- lobby bar

Hotel services

At your disposal at Vita Park hotel are open-air swimming pool, sports ground, kindergarten, children’s playground, safe, parking lot, currency exchange, informational bureau. Pets in the hotel are permitted.

On the beach

There is an organized transport to the beach several times a day. The sunshades and lounges on the beach are free of charge. The use of sunshades and lounges beside the hotel’s swimming pool is free.