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Geography, Bulgaria

On the map of Europe Bulgaria occupies the north-eastern part of the Balkan peninsula, an area of about 111 000 sq. km. Mountains occupy one third of the territory. The Thracian lowlands are to the south and the Danube valley - to the north. Neighboring countries are: to the north - Romania, to the south - Greece and Turkey, to the north-west - Serbia & Monte Negro, to the south-west - Macedonia. The Eastern border of the country is the Black Sea. The total length of Bulgarian borders is 2245 km. The capital and the biggest city of Bulgaria is Sofia. It has 1 236 606 residents (31.12.2011). Relief is varied,with lowlands, plains, hills and mountains. Musala is the highest peak on the Balkan peninsula. It is located in the Rila mountain and is 2925 meters high. Bulgarian rivers flow into the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea. The bigger rivers are: the Danube (runs 609 km on Bulgarian territory), the Maritza river (321 km), the Osam river (314 km), the Struma river (290 km), the Yantra river (285 km), and the Kamchiya river (244 km).