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Capital, Bulgaria

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. It is situated in the Sofia plain. Its altitude is 550 m. and it covers an area of 1 311 Close to the city there is the Iskar river, and the Iskar and the Pancherevo lakes. The motto of the city is "Ever growing, Never old!". The city is the main political, economic, scientific and cultural center. It is a big transportation center as well, with an international airport and international roads and railroads. There is also an underground train running through the city, some elements of which are under construction. There are a number of universities, academies, museums and theaters in Sofia. Sofia is the home of the Sofia Opera and a number of scientific and cultural institutes. The most popular park in Sofia is Vitosha. It spreads over a large part of the mountain of the same name. The central park of Sofia is the Garden of Boris. Near the park entrance is the Ariana lake where water bike riding can be enjoyed from early spring till late fall.