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Prices about SPA HOTEL ALEXANDER, Zlatograd

Price periods

The prices are per room per night and calculated to the current date, any discounts for early bookings and promotions are included. The period section marks additional discount opportunities, which you can benefit from based on bookings for specified number of nights.



Use the filters to find easier the prices for the chosen period and the type of accommodation

Period Room type Accommodation Board Price
18.01.2016 - 20.12.2016
Single room Adult BB(Bed and Breakfast) 21.25
+ Double room AdultAdult BB(Bed and Breakfast) 32.98
Double room Adult+Child BB(Bed and Breakfast) 28.98
Double room Adult BB(Bed and Breakfast) 32.98
Double room Adult+ChildChild BB(Bed and Breakfast) 38.48
Double room AdultAdult+Child BB(Bed and Breakfast) 42.48
Double room AdultAdultAdult BB(Bed and Breakfast) 42.48

Payment Terms:

  • Each confirmed reservation should be fully or partly paid no later than 24 hours after confirmation. The amount of the deposit should be at least 50.00% from the total amount of the reservation. The full payment should be done at least 10 days before the date of accommodation. As an exception: full payment is required for reservations within short term of accommodation. In case you would like to change some of those conditions please contact us at 0886/887707.

All prices are per room / apartment per night and include:

  • bed
  • breakfast
  • resort tax
  • tourist insurance
  • The prices are final

All Price not include:

  • additional hotel services


  • The prices are NOT valid during holidays!!!
  • Children up to 2.99y.o. - free of charge.

Cancellation policy:

Period: 18.01.2016-20.12.2016
  • No cancellation fee - 5 days before arrival. Cancellation fee 1 night from 0 - 5 days.